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Life Full of Freedom

A Transformative Coaching Program

12 sessions (around one to one and a half hours, sometimes may get extended up to two hours depending on the process taken up on that day). The sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.

Duration : 3 Months

Unlimited support on WhatsApp and through quick calls of 10 minutes whenever required between 10AM to 8PM on weekdays in all these 6 months.


Facilitated by


Coaching Process


Appreciate the success Acknowledge the failures

This is an introspective process towards your life to find out how you have evolved as a person.


Recognise the scars from childhood

Find out the dysfunctional patterns that you are carrying because of childhood conflicts.


Aware and Above

You are aware of your emotional wounds from childhood and heal them so that you are out of all those dysfunctional patterns.

Create new possibilities in your life

Enshrine your goals and create paths to achieve them.

Take actions to achieve your goals in life.

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