Basic Counselling – 20 Minutes

Basic Counselling – 20 Minutes

999.00 20 minutes

The session would be either over call (normal phone call) or video call (Whatsapp/ Skype/Hike). Please fill the attached form below before paying fees.



This would be a very brief session where the problem is understood very quickly through the patient’s inputs and it is addressed with maximum possible extent. However, the condition is that the client should be capable enough to brief the details of the problem with 10 minutes. Preferably only one issue and at the max, two issues will be discussed per session. Simple problems can be resolved through this session. However, one session would not guarantee complete redress for the issue and client may have to attend more sessions depending on the intensity of the problem. This is mostly opted by the clients who are attending the counselling session for the first time.

Kindly fill this form before going ahead with appointment booking process. This will help the counselor to get brief details about you.


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