Aptitude refers to a natural ability to do something. A lot of aptitude tests available in the market end up testing quantitative, verbal, reasoning aptitude. But they do not touch upon other types of aptitudes.

Our aptitude test is an aptitude cum interest test which is designed specifically to analyze the different abilities and interests of the person so as to suggest which stream can be opted for further studies. This is very important because students choose streams based on others’ advice or majority opinions or parental or social pressure rather than based on the exploration of personal passion.

Many times, people are unable to recognize their real interest because of which, they are not in a position to take a decision independently.

Based on the aptitude test results and one-to-one counseling session, later on, it will be possible to narrow down the stream/area to choose with more clarity.

The test explores broader areas like aptitude in mathematics, economy, agriculture, creative field, basic sciences, humanities, law, sports, social work, analytical skills, and so on. Based on the test scores, inferences are drawn.

The ideal age to take the test: 10th or 12th standard

Charge: Rs 1150 per analysis (You will receive the analysis by email)
Note: Personal consultation is charged separately.

You may click here to complete the payment and then you will be directed to the Aptitude Test.

The test result will be emailed to you within 7 days.