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Good mental health makes you an excellent person in this world! Do you want to be one?

AKSHARA DAMLEFounder, Psychologist
TEDx Speaker and an experienced psychologist who has treated diverse kinds of mental disorders. Along with counselling and psychotherapy he also conducts workshop on stress management, conflict resolution with various organisations. He does guest lectures for banks, police department, post office and NGOs. He has clients across the world for whom he treats through online mode. He is available for clients for one to one sessions in Delhi and Bengaluru.
Chaithra K.R
Chaithra K.RCognitive Psychologist
Cognitive Psychologist With Specialization In Certain Areas, like Grief Counselling, Occupational Stress, Child Psychology , Adolescent Psychology , Palliative Care and Family Counselling. She provides direct counseling in Bengaluru.
Sharanya Prakash
Sharanya PrakashPsychologist
A psychology graduate with effective, consistent client impact and a firm believer of constant upskilling. She has a wide experience of working with school children, adults dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and so on. She also does marriage counseling.

Expert Counselling

Treating people suffering mental illness is a special skill. Most of the mental illness can be resolved through counseling and medicines are not really required. When you speak to a mental health expert, you can address many of the problems and lead a normal and good life. That is why it is important to break the stigma attached to mental illness. Online counseling is an easy means to get access to mental health experts. Hence one need not be stigmatized by others for having mental illness and get a treatment by maintaining the privacy.

Manosamvaada Believes In

  • To build a mentally healthy society.
  • To make the mental health services more accessible.
  • To break the stigma related to mental illness in the society.
  • To bring awareness among people about mental health.
People across the world are becoming more prone to mental illness. Increasing stress in life is causing more distress among people. Manosamvaada wants to make psychological services more reachable to people from different parts of the world at their convenient time.